So, it turns out that porridge is the living best.  Who knew?  All of Scotland, that’s who.  I used to think oats were my enemy.  Tiny grainy  little round things, always up in ma museli. Then the revelation.  I was leaving the house late, rushing to work (after having watched a whole episode of Have I Got News For You on iPlayer and leisurely applied make-up for 40 mins) and picked up a small sachet of those oaty gems.  I don’t know what came over me, I just thought WHY NOT.  I followed the complex set of instructions on the porridge sachet (I know! I’m a person who easts porridge from overpriced sachets rather than 10p industrial bags! I feel like such a profligate.  In my defence, I’m new to the game).  Anyway, I follow the instructions and end up with a golden syrupy smellin’ gelatinous mess of oats.  And I love it!! I think something about porridge is soothing and homely too,  a warm bowl o’ poz on a cold winter’s day.
Just thought I’d share a wee breakfast post as I try to get the hang of ‘wordpress’.  Ain’t no thang.


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