DVD Dave

Photo: Steve Back/Rex Features

This weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Andrew Hough’s ‘DVD Dave’ piece http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/9276511/David-Cameron-how-karaoke-and-tennis-make-PM-a-chillaxing-champ.html.  I have now re-read it several times, and am still unable to put my finger on the exact tone of the article.  Superficially, it seems to be lauding David Cameron’s ability to take a break from a high pressure job (‘Mr Cameron’s enthusiasm for pursuits other than work is a healthy sign of an appetite for life.’) but it definitely has something rather more accusatory in its tone. ‘DVD Dave’ loves boxsets, date nights with SamCam and tennis fuelled with ‘3 or 4 glasses of wine’ on a Sunday if we are to believe this weekend’s revelations.  Friends have commented that ‘If there were a gold medal in Chillaxing, he’d win it’.  Putting to one side my instant queasy feeling when The Telegraph/ Tories/ Anyone over 16 uses the word ‘chillaxing’,  I found the whole thing rather unusual.  On one hand, we want our politicians to be refreshed (as Ed Cumming’s rather more pro-Cameron Telegraph article commented snidely This is what ‘the premiership of Gordon Brown taught us’)  but we also don’t really want them, relaxing and happy?  I suppose I’ve always thought that way too.  I suppose I’ve thought of the leader as the somewhat austere embodiment of the state itself, and yet that is of course, unfeasible.  While I’m sure most PMs are predominantly occupied with serious matters of state (Since Berlusconi left office at least),  four years is a long time to have no fun.

So I say gan’ on DVD Dave.  I have a lot of problems with DC’s premiership,  but him liking the occasional episode of The Wire isn’t one.


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