Paxman at Leveson



Like everyone who has a job and has a vague interest in politics,  I have been borderline addicted to the Leveson live stream.  Yesterday however, I was in meetings all day,  and was so forced to watch coverage of Paxman from afar, and silently, on the office projection.  I have to say, silent Paxman looked formidable, yet I didn’t get the impression anything too shocking was going on. I later learned that the great revelation of the say was that Paxman claims that Piers Morgan ‘told him how to hack phones’.  Conclusions we can draw having watched his testimony WITH the sound on?  Firstly, Piers Morgan is probably a bit awful;  the impression of him that I got from Paxman’s anecdote was one of a boorish and bullying dinner party guest.  Which is strange for me, as I’ve always liked him rather more than popular consensus does.  Secondly, Paxman’s use of the phrase ‘Wet around the ears’ was hilarious.  And finally,  if we really consider the guests at this lunch it sounds like a really rather odd celebrity Come Dine With Me:  Victor Blank, Jeeremy Paxman, Piers Morgan, Phillip Green and Ulrika Jonsson. 

As you might have guessed, the above is Morgan’s retaliatory tweet.  Not sure Paxo’ll be too gutted.


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