Review: Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, Soho.


I wanted to try Bone Daddies after reading that it was the place that one of my favourite food bloggers, Lizzie (aka Hollow Legs), was going to break a bout of veganism.  Since mostly I have found her to have a similar insatiable appetite for all things excessive and meaty, I knew I would like it.

Having opened only a month ago, Ross Shonhan’s self-styled rock’n’roll ramen bar is already massively popular.  We went at 9pm on a Tuesday night and waited about 20 minutes for a table for 3. The wait was crowded but not wholly unpleasant, as the staff were friendly, and there was a bit of queue-chat going on.  The venue is all high tables and stools crammed quite closely together, with walls of rock’n’roll images of Tokya biker gangs etc. overall, it’s pretty vibrant and fun from the moment you arrive.

Once seated, we received our drinks (reasonable prices, good selection of Japanese Shochu and Whisky) and ordered food immediately.  For a kind of starter, we had the long stem broccoli (£4.50) and the fried chicken (£5).  The broccoli was totally up my street- cold and with a bite, served with Yuzukosho mayo (I think!) which was perfectly spicy and tangy.  We also had the fried chicken which was served with a squeeze of fresh lemon: chewy and salty and delicious.



For my main, I couldn’t resist the Tonkotsu (£11) due to the ’20-hour bone broth’.  I added corn to mine (roasted and freshly sliced from the cob), but the range of possible add-on toppings was wide, and very reasonably priced.  One of these add-ons was a pipette of animal fat- possibly this would be nice with a lighter broth but it absolutely was not required in the case of the Tonkotsu.  The pork was delicious and falling-apart, complemented by crisp spring onions and pickled ginger.  The noodles were plentiful, the bamboo was soft and tasty, and the egg white was gelatinous with a runny yolk. The broth itself was delicious- incredibly deep with layers of rich pork flavouring. My only problem with this was that it was almost too rich.  Every spoonful coated the mouth (in a not-unpleasant way) but I found I couldn’t quite finish my bowlful, and felt VERY full after.

All in all, Bone Daddies is a raucous, fun and most of all tasty experience. Go with friends, expect to wait, have a few drinks, and slurp down some Ramen.  You’ll have a class time.




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