Steak, Pommes de Terres Sautées, Tomato Salad, and Béarnaise Sauce.


 a.k.a. Ridiculous Meal for one

I left work one night this week having thought about steak pretty much all day.  Since bout 8am my eyes had been pretty much glazed over, as I was thinking about every steak I’d ever known.  I even googled a few steak images (and, in doing so, found this gem of a tattoo.)

However, I realised that it was a night where my house was (unusually) empty.  Usually there are at least 3 of us together at dinnertime.  Not so tonight.  So, as I was rattling around the shops picking up food I was thinking, ‘Just me tonight. Light salad. Probably just have, like, a pitta.’  And then I saw a steak.

What followed was probably the most ludicrous meal for one I have ever cooked, for myself, on a work night, alone.

Small handful cherry tomatoes


1 Banana Shallot

½ a Red Chilli

1 Clove Garlic

1 tsp Sugar

First chop the tomatoes into halves or quarters.  Thinly chop the shallot, chilli, garlic, and parsley. Mix together in a bowl with a glug of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Season with salt and pepper and a teaspoonful of sugar.  Leave to…I want to say ‘macerate’?


1 large Maris Piper potato

Few springs of Rosemary

Peel the potato and chop quite evenly into 1cmx1cm squares. Heat olive oil and a few sprigs of rosemary in a frying pan, and add the potatoes.  Cook the potatoes over a medium heat for about 10 minutes, tossing them in the pan every minute or so. The pan should become quite dry, but the potatoes will not stick, but should slowly begin to brown as they cook.

1 Steak

When your potatoes are almost done, season your steak and rub a little oil onto it. Place into a very hot pan for 1-2 minutes each side for a rare steak. I’m not sure how to do other levels of cooking but I assume just leave it in longer.

3 tbsp white wine vinegar

4 black peppercorns

3 egg yolks

225g Butter


When the steak is done, take it out of the pan and leave to rest while you do your Béarnaise.  Boil the vinegar & peppercorns until they reduce by half, then strain into a heatproof bowl, over a pan of gently simmering water. Don’t let the water boil and touch the bowl, come on now.  Then add your eggs and whisk furiously until it becomes light and frothy.  Take off the heat and whisk in the melted butter, salt, pepper, and tarragon.


ImageServe the steak with a jug of Béarnaise, a good spoonful of tomato salad, your PDTs and a nice glass of Prosecco.  Voilà – a ridiculous meal for one.

P.S. apologies that I didn’t wipe the jug clean properly. I’d never make it in a top kitchen.


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